About #BringBackTheAC

As of Wednesday, June 4, 2014 The Advocacy Center at Syracuse University will no longer exist. As part of a realignment of services around sexual violence the university has eliminated The Advocacy Center as a resource for students.

We need your voices, we need your input and ideas. Please get in touch.

Help support getting back to a campus environment that truly puts the needs and rights of survivors first. There is a reason students wanted an Advocacy Center (R.A.P.E. Center) on campus.

Nothing about this is easy, or right, and this certainly won’t be resolved quickly, but I truly, and wholeheartedly, believe that together we can accomplish something special. So keep raising your voices, stay active. The University made these changes on a Friday, in summer, for a reason; they wanted to avoid us speaking out and calling attention to the changes…let’s disappoint them.

We are the “unentitled, scrappy, and engaged students” that Chancellor Syverud wants to come to Syracuse, according to his inauguration address. And if this is truly “a University where, when we are at our best, we are about knowledge, and becoming the best,” as Chancellor Syverud also stated in his inauguration address, then how can we take such a step back?

“As in the past, our University’s direction should be inspired and empowered by the insights of all our people, not dictated by one Chancellor like me. All I can do today is start a dialogue about the direction we might go in.” –Chancellor Kent Syverud, April 11, 2014

We are ready for a dialogue, it’s not too late to begin one.




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