Email to Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz

Below is an email sent to Rebecca Kantrowitz from Meaghan Greeley regarding the announcement of Listening Meetings to take place on campus. Published with Meaghan’s permission. Thank you for making your voice heard Meaghan!

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your email. While I believe that your recommendation was not a reflection of an intention to harm survivors, I am not trusting that these listening sessions are intended to heal those who have been hurt and disenfranchised by your decision. It is clear to me that the Chancellor and your office are not truly intending to listen with an open mind to those who have asked to be heard. In fact, from your email it seems that the Chancellor will not even be in attendance. Please correct me if I am misinterpreting your email. Furthermore, these meetings will do nothing to create a working solution if your office AND the Chancellor are not coming to the meetings with an open mind. An open mind would include promising to consider all options, including reversing the Chancellor’s decision. The messages that I received from this email are: the Chancellor will continue to ignore, avoid, and deflect the SU community’s disappointment and re-victimization due to his decision; and that these meetings are meant solely to placate those who are hurt, since the administration is not willing to consider reversing it’s decision. As a social work student I have learned the importance of advocacy. The skills and knowledge that I have obtained through the social work program have allowed me to develop critical thinking skills when it comes to policy change and this attempt by your office appears to be; what my professors would call “smoke and mirrors”. It is not a good use of my time and energy to attend a meeting where those who need to listen will not be in attendance and where those who are attending come to the meeting with a closed mind. Frankly, I expect more from this institution! I look forward to hearing your response to my concerns. -Meaghan Greeley
MSW Candidate 2017 Syracuse University
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics


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