Response to Listening Meetings

Below is a response to Rebecca Kantrowitz’s most recent email from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I would seriously consider boycotting the meeting. There are two criteria that must be met for such a meeting to have any meaning: (1) the chancellor needs to be there, and (2) there must be a commitment from him to listen with an open mind, promising to consider all options, including reversing his decision.
The meeting announced by RRK meets neither criterion. In fact, it preserves the status quo by enabling the chancellor to continue hiding from the controversy, while sending the message that his administration has no intention of reconsidering. The only purpose of the RRK meeting will be for SU administration to use it to “prove” they are listening. After everything that has happened during the past few weeks, it is an insult that they think they can actually fool people into thinking the meeting will be of any consequence. Frankly, attending such a meeting would be playing right into their hands. Unless, of course, you can come up with a strategy that derails the administration’s strategy.”


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