We’re in for the long haul…

Hello Everyone,

Some of you have asked for a template or form letter, which we were working on. Today SU released a fact sheet about the changes, that we would like to digest and incorporate into our response. Please forgive us, as it may take longer to create the template/form letter. I will include the link to the fact sheet below. Please know that their stance hasn’t changed and the Advocacy Center is still closed, this really hasn’t changed anything for us, it’s just provided more detail on what they are doing.

If this is an indication of anything, it’s that University is still not truly listening to your voices, and that they are attempting to wait us out, or wait for us to “calm down.” Please stay vigilant.

Students will be back to campus with freshman move-in on August 20th, with the first day of classes on August 25th. So that means we have 83 days until the first day of classes. What Sam Myers, Erin Carhart, and I want to make happen is that we feature at least one person’s voice every day until student’s get back to campus. We need your voices, send us a written statement, a poem, something that we can post on here and the blog, so that SU knows we still care about these changes and aren’t going away.

Email us (paang44@gmail.com, eringcarhart@gmail.com, and samyer01@syr.edu). Send us a message here. But either way please get in touch. We are here to provide a space for your voices to be heard. Anything thing from a paragraph to a couple stanzas, maybe a video of you doing a spoken word piece about this, or even a piece of visual art. We already have some contributions but need more!

We also have some ideas for activism for you all throughout the coming months, so stay tuned.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Your dedication and support is so inspiring and is a true testament to you all and the work that The Advocacy Center does on campus.



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